Hey everyone! Im here to advertise a minecraft 1.7.2 server called Lihp Dwarves Zombies!
In the game, your goal is to survive and protect your shrine from the monsters- Dwarven Goal
As a monster, you must capture all 3 shrines to win.
Blacksmith- Upgrade swords
Tailor - Upgrade chest plates
Alchemist - Upgrade Speed potions
Lumberjack- Upgrade Bows

Zombie- capture the shrine!
Skeleton- Shoot dwarves
Creeper- blow up walls
Silverfish- disintegrate walls
Iron Golem- Throw dwarves up high
Wither skeleton- kill dwarves
Zombie Pigman- set a warp for zombies
Blazeman- fireball dwarves
Cave/Regular Spider- annoy dwarves
Wolf- Kill dwarves!
Baby zombie- capture the shrine!
Enderman- kill dwarves
Witch- kill dwarves

Hey! I play regularly and if you see me just say hi, i don't really want to be crowded by players because its hard to get anything done, also if you can please post that I have created a website for Lihp, that would be a huge help as i cannot post myself. This is the least i could do for my favorite sever!


I still need help getting in touch with the right people, these next few links are to the voting sites and the last one is to the actual website. My in game name is Alexvango or Jselv

DvZ vote #1 Craftstats
DvZ vote #2 MineCraft-MP
Dvz vote #3 Mine Servers
Dvz vote #4 TopG
Dvz vote #5 MC Servers
The Website DvZ Website